Late Travel Diary Berlin Day 3

Aaaaaand the last one! Some really nice shots again. And just really chilled shooting through the day. A lot of “undercover” stuff again like I always do. Went to the best Kebap in Wedding and again a lot of walking. Met with Lukas before we went to Tegel for our flight back. Thanks again for checking out the travel diary!

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Skatecontest 2014

Having a plan is key for an event. Be prepared. And have somebody in charge. But then, there is still the good old weather. We had the perfect plan, had sponsors and also some good people that helped. Perfect right? Rained all day! So the 2014 Villingen Skatecontest was kinda…wet.
We made the best out of it. A lot of music and some drinking too, against the depression I guess. Enjoy these pictures, we had a blast even without one single contest.

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