Marrakech Travel Diary Day 4

So here is Day 4. Went sunbathing after the breakfast. But it was too warm. 40°C yesterday. So we took a Taxi to the Menara. Which is a 50m by 50m kinda pool with jumping fishes in it. The old man in the picture tried to explain what it was exactly but I think I need to google it. Anyway. There is a small tube running water from the Atlas Mountains to the olive tree fields around it.
After that we decided to see the Photography Museum.

You see a lot of pictures of these small streets. These are all in the Medina, the old town. Our Riad (Hotel) is also located in the Medina, which is sometimes like a Labyrinth. But also the perfect place for my undercover shots.
For Dinner we had some nice Couscous with lamb and some kebab. Combined with a nice view, thats the way to end the day. Enjoy these pictures!


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