Nike SB Lance Mountain customs

I was really hyped on this when I first heard about it. A sneaker that reveals the real color after wearing it. Sure, nothing new. The Margiela x Converse collabo came out a second time this year, showing its success. But Nike? Really? With the best retro ever? (imho) And transferring a Jordan shoe to Nike SB? Ok, heavy breathing.
So I woke up early on the release date. And with some luck I got my size. Wore them for 2 weeks. Couldn’t skate because of my shoulder injury. So I decided to speed things up. Sandpaper and Aceton. Really like the outcome! What do you think?



Some studio stuff today. Took these in a pause of Ralf. Original shoot was totally different! But I really love these!

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Skatecontest 2014

Having a plan is key for an event. Be prepared. And have somebody in charge. But then, there is still the good old weather. We had the perfect plan, had sponsors and also some good people that helped. Perfect right? Rained all day! So the 2014 Villingen Skatecontest was kinda…wet.
We made the best out of it. A lot of music and some drinking too, against the depression I guess. Enjoy these pictures, we had a blast even without one single contest.

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Boarder Collies concert

Again some concert shots from the Boarder Collies concert. The rest on their Facebook page.


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