London Day 5

Huge delay on this one. Sorry! Went to the city again and the Portobello Market. And right after that went home to get prepared for the release party of Brodinski’s new album Brava @XOYO London. Virgil Abloh, Guillaume Berg and Brodinski teared down the club. Walked out like 3am. Got one hour of sleep and hopped on the plane. Just slept when we landed haha. So here is Day5! And I hopefully get some nice pictures from my disposable camera which I took to the club! So enjoy these ones for now! Thanks to everybody checking my London Travel Diary!

London193 (mehr…)

London Day 4

A lot of walking on Day 4! And as always some good food. This time Lebanese. Went to everything we really wanted to go. Including Supreme ;-)

After that we went to Richmond which is really West London to catch up with Ruth and Stu which Julian and I met when we were visiting Ibiza some years back. So nice! Enjoy the pictures!



London Day 3

Visited  Sang Bleu in the morning, and since we walked a ton yesterday we thought we should chill a little bit more or use the subway a little bit more. So from Northern London we went to West London to go to the Vintage Markets and checked out one of the last remaining Banksy’s in Portobello Road. Ate at Five Guys which was really good. Some more sightseeing and a final beer in Brick Lane again.




London Day 2

Windy! Even for London. (I asked a lot of people). Sunny but really strong winds, time to climb St. Paul`s Cathedral, right? So we did that, haha. Was really scary up there but a beautiful view. Walked a ton. And finally ate at Beigel Bake in Brick Lane! So good. But let the pictures speak!