Sunny day

Some shots from last week. Had these siitin’  around the whole week. Finally time for some small edits.

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Take you camera everywhere.

It sounds so simple. But if you take your camera everywhere you will get really really nice shots once in a while. Because if the shot is there, you have a camera with you. I always try to take a camera with me. But its not always possible, or sometimes I’m just lazy. But last week when I went to Stuttgart with some friends, I got a big reminder how good things can turn out if you have a camera with you.

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Vitra sundays

If you complain about a boring sunday, you’re doing something wrong!
Vanessa had the idea to visit the Vitra Museum in Weil am Rhein. Sounds good, right? And it was! Such a inspirational place but very calm also. If you near Basel or Weil am Rhein just go there!

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Money Boy Meßkirch

Finally! Seen the “Boy” performing live at the Sunray Club in Meßkirch on Saturday 25.04.15. Was a super nice event. We were happy and the crowd defiantly too!

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